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The Shot of Henny in Your Communion Cup

For Saints, Ain'ts, & Those in Between.

If you want to build the confidence to walk out your faith fearlessly while loving without boundaries, you’ve found your match

Hi, I’m D. Danyelle Thomas. I’m a writer, speaker, and disrupter of the way we do faith. I’m also a (reluctant) digital pastor of a community of Saints, Aints, and those somewhere in between. I’m a professional shit talker and well-intentioned pot stirrer.

For years, I've challenged the way we do faith with Unfit Christian. I've been shouting my thoughts on Beyoncé's internet since the days of dial up and recycling free 1,200 AOL discs #TrueToThis #NotNewToThis. I've spoken on the Smithsonian stage, gone viral mul-ti-ple times (yes, Sib. Those are all their own links), and been featured on NBC, Splinter, & Atlanta Black Star to name a few. 

What is an Unfit Christian?

Great question. Unfit Christians are people who believe in God but have found themselves distanced from and/or disillusioned traditional churches and religious ideology. Unfit Christians are those who find themselves struggling to find their place in faith that makes room for us to be our full selves. We are a growing global community of people willing to challenge the status quo with tough questions and critical thought in order to do faith differently.

Together, we are the Unfit Christian Congregation.

Church for the Rest of Us.

We are a digital space that believes it's time to change the way we do faith. Unfit Christian was built to be inclusive for everyone who's usually excluded from traditional, conservative worship spaces. This community encourages real talk about faith, sex/relationships, culture, and intersectional identities of gender, class, and race. 

UCC was created for people like you to connect, support, learn, and dream together in an affirming space. While we're primarily based in progressive faith theologies, we are sex-positive, LGBTQIA-affirming, sociopolitically engaged, and open to people of all walks of life including non-Christians. Seriously. We've got a surprisingly large agnostic and atheist community among us!

Unfit Christian is an OPEN AND AFFIRMING collective. We affirm and honor LGBTQIA identities, persons with disabilities, and all marginalized and oppressed people. We do not practice "love the sinner, hate the sin" in fellowship with others who differ from ourselves.


Let's Disrupt Faith Together.

Unfit Christian is the shade-throwing, citation-dropping, community leading the way to truth, divinity, and a “Shot of Henny in Your Communion Cup”. C'mon, join us, & let's do faith differently.

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